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Disclaimer - The costs indicated are approximate costs for each resource. Actual cost estimates may vary for your city. Please check with your contractor or visit our nearest UBS store for a custom cost estimate as per your requirement. This amount is an approximate amount for construction area & it does not include compound wall area.

Phases of Construction

Marble Surface


Planning & Design

  • Initial concept and feasibility studies.

  • Site survey and investigation.

  • Conceptual design and sketches.

  • Development of construction drawings and specifications.

  • Permitting and approvals from relevant authorities.


Site Preparation

  • ​Clearing and grading of the land.

  • Excavation and leveling of the construction site.

  • Installation of utility lines such as water, sewer, gas, and electrical.


Foundation & Structural Work

  • Excavation and preparation of foundation.

  • Installation of footings and foundation walls.

  • Construction of structural elements such as columns, beams, and slabs.

  • Installation of the roof structure and roof decking.

Marble Surface


Rough - In Work

  • Installation of mechanical systems such as HVAC, ductwork, and piping.

  • Installation of electrical systems such as wiring, lighting, and electrical panels.

  • Installation of plumbing systems such as pipes, drains, and fixtures.


Finishing Work

  • Installation of insulation, drywall, & ceiling tiles.

  • Flooring (carpets, tiles, or hardwood).

  • Painting, staining, & wall finishes.

  • Installation of doors, windows, & exterior cladding.

  • Finishing of exterior landscaping and site improvements.


Final Inspection & Occupancy

  • Final inspection of the building to ensure compliance with relevant codes & regulations.

  • Completion of final punch list items & correction.

  • Obtaining occupancy permit from relevant authorities.

  • Handover of the building.

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